THE RESET retreat Bali

the reset retreat bali 

A luxurious and transformational retreat in Ubud, Bali for high achieving women ready to get clarity, confidence and reset their lives onto a path of freedom, impact and purpose.

Exclusive invite for FEMALE LEADERS


SUNDAY 29th September - SATURDAY 5th October 2024

To be on the go 24/7 as a successful, high achieving woman but having that deep sense you've lost touch with who you truly are...

You feel crippling guilt around others feeling jealous of your life on the outside but not feeling happy inside.

You’re a chronic over-achiever but lately you've been feeling like you've lost touch with who you truly are

Your heart aches for a guiding sense of direction, you feel as if you've been drifting without a clear and distinct purpose for a while

You feel like you've accomplished a lot, but deep down, you sense a disconnection from your true self

You're determined to succeed, but you can't keep neglecting your mental and physical health. There has to be a better way!

I know what it's like...

sound familiar?

Enter a world where all it takes is one week for your mind and body to reset. Immerse yourself in nature where your daily responsibilities are no where to be found! This sanctuary is your space to heal and uncover the clarity required to step boldly onto your true path.

Reignite your connection with your authentic self and fall in love with who you really are beyond your achievements and killer resume

Kick start your emotional and physical well-being, learn how to be kind to yourself and slow down without affecting your performance

Get crystal-clear clarity in your life's purpose and direction, be empowered with unwavering confidence in a path aligned with your true passions

You're on a mission to kick imposter syndrome to the curb. You want killer self-belief, the kind that makes you go, 'I've got this!' You're ready to tap into your full potential.

Picture this: You're part of a community of amazing women who totally get you. They've got your back, inspire you, and you make real, soul-deep connections

The reset opportunity you've been waiting for

are you ready to discover the true you?

How would it feel to:


Gain a deep understanding of your true calling so you can pursue your dreams with unwavering confidence. Wholeheartedly chase your passions and learn that clarity is the force that propels you toward the life you've always envisioned.


Peel back the layers, uncover the essence of who you are beyond your achievements. Imagine rekindling your inner spark, breathing life back into your authenticity, and awakening the very essence of your true self.


Experience high performance healing, wellness tools and sacred cultural experiences that will give your mental, physical and nervous system health the reset it needs. *Full body exhale* type of stuff!

A leadership retreat for high achieving women ready to reset in a luxury villa in the middle of the sprawling Balinese rice fields in Ubud, the healing capital of the world...



Watch Amelia & Lucia's powerful Retreat Transformation stories

"As a woman, doing something for yourself is so important. We don't do enough for ourselves and that can lead on into our business, our family and our partners. So doing something for yourself this amazing is going to help all of the other things in your life. You're going to be able to go home and just be ready to take life on again. You HAVE to do it. It's been life changing!!!!"

- Amelia, Naturopath from Australia

"I was struggling to make important decisions so my intention was to have some breakthroughs make solid decisions and I feel like I've achieved that. The breakthroughs I've had have been incredible and will be super important for my businesses moving forward. I feel super grateful and ready to take on the next steps in my career feeling super positive. Do it 100%!!!"

- Lucia, Creative Director from the UK

"Before the retreat, I was lacking confidence and self-belief in pursuing entrepreneurship, lacking clarity on what type of business to start and suffering from limiting beliefs and societal pressures. After The Reset retreat I gained courage in my conviction, self-belief (the power lies within me), healing, greater self-awareness and understanding of myself as well as things that have happened in my past!"

- Gabriella
Past retreat guest from the UK

Yes, Yes & More Yes


Time to dream BIG. You'll get clarity on your dream vision for your life and map out your path to time, location and financial freedom.

Together, we'll use my life design framework to create your vision, set goals and step away with your own personalised step-by-step roadmap to achieving them.


Yes! I need to unlock this superpower

The Art of Receiving Workshop

Learn how to unlock your capacity to receive more money, clients, success, freedom in your life & business so you can flourish!

This workshop will give you the keys to accelerate your success by uncovering ways you're actually blocking your capacity to receive (it's oh so common amongst high achieving women!).

this is exactly what my mind is craving


Often in the Western world we're living completely out of alignment with our bodies and in a perpetual state of stress as we're always on the go. Sound familiar?

Sound healing is one of the most powerful experiences for recalibrating your vibration to a more optimal and relaxed state and accessing your sub-conscious mind to allow ideas and desires to come through to your consciousness whilst accessing deep feelings of bliss.

You’ll be experiencing the power of sound at the famous Pyramids of Chi - the largest venue dedicated to Sound Healing worldwide!

Guilty - emotional suppressor over here!

Emotional & Stored Energy Release Breathwork

It's vital for us to learn how to process our emotions to create space for expansion in our lives and business. Our professional practitioners from Bali Breathwork will hold a beautiful, safe space for you to explore the emotional side of yourself.

Many guests (myself included!) have had powerful breakthroughs in their circles including deep wisdom, clarity, nervous system balancing and emotional awareness.

wow sounds powerful!


Do you feel like something is holding you back but you find it hard to put it into words or pinpoint exactly what it is? Therapy helps you make the unconscious, conscious.

Become aware of stored emotions, traumas, and limiting beliefs so you can take the steps to release them with our professional Psychotherapist.

eat pray love me up please!


In Indonesian culture, water is a symbol of strength and purification, a carrier of energy and a spiritual element of nature.

Taman Beji Griya Waterfall is known as one of the most ancient and holy places in Bali for spiritual purification. 

Our wonderful Balinese Healer Wayan will lead us through each purification temple where you can craft your own personal offering and intentions you wish to call in and let go and purify your body, mind and soul in the sacred waters. If you’re lucky, she may even receive a spiritual message for you!

I've been wanting to try this!


Reiki is based on an Eastern medicine belief that living beings have energy fields that support their health and vitality. Throughout life, energy can become blocked in the body which can cause health problems, negative life experiences and reduce your overall vitality and life-experience.

Our experienced Reiki practitioner will find any energy blocks you have and attempt to shift the energy so it can move freely out of your body. Past guests have experienced feeling lighter, happier and more relaxed their reiki session.

I need these women in my life


Our container of women sharing vulnerably and declaring their desires to the world for a week creates for a truly powerful energy. This creates a collective output and healing far larger than anyone could achieve alone and believe me, you can feel it on the retreat!

Our community is very special and dear to my heart. Full of ambitious, talented, intelligent female leaders with shared values, going against the grain and doing the most incredibly impactful work binds us all together.

Our retreat attracts high achieving women from all over the world. Whilst they might have different backgrounds, different interests and different styles, they all share the same set of values: freedom, impact, purpose and going against societies expectations of them.

OMG amazing!

1:1 Business Coaching with Suzie

Valued at over $600 a session, you’ll get a 1 hour 1:1 business coaching session with Suzie to work on business strategy, overcome limiting beliefs and anything else on your agenda.



"I was just a bit lost, I have spent so much time being a mum, being an employee, being something to everyone. I think I just felt like I had lost my way a bit. It was just bringing out the real me from underneath. And I just think it felt so empowering and beautiful and just got this calm clarity of mind that I didn't actually remember when I had that last. Absolutely put yourself first, this doesn't just empower me, but my whole family! "

- Cass, Founder of Wellness Digital Co from Australia

"I was definitely feeling overwhelmed and confused, I was coming in looking to connect with other people, get some guidance and to have the reset that I needed! It can be quite lonely navigating the business space by yourself. We've had such a brilliant mix of business coaching, resetting and a little bit of spirituality thrown in too. So it's been a really holistic whole experience. 100% go and do it, you'll get so much more out of it than you think!"

- Millie, Founder of Field Digital from the UK

What's Included?

What's Included? 

Clarity & Life Design Workshop with Suzie
The Art of Receiving Workshop with Suzie
1:1 Business Coaching Session with Suzie
Emotion & Stored Energy Release Breathwork with Bali Breathwork
Inner Healing Through Therapy
Sound healing at Pyramids of Chi
Sacred Balinese Water Purification Ceremony with Healer Wayan
Reiki Energy Healing
Women's Circle & New Moon Ceremony
Luxury Accommodation at our Retreat Villa in Ubud
Community, Connection & Belonging
Breakfast & Lunch Prepared by our Private Chefs at Motion Food
1 x Relaxing Massage with our In-Villa Therapist
Unlimited Coconuts to Keep You Refreshed!
Pick Up & Drop Off Airport Transfers to Denpasar Airport

A dreamy itinerary!

As soon as you walk in, you’ll be immersed in the sounds of nature accompanied by the grandeur and sheer size of our luxury Villa.

From wonderful rice fields that span around our villa to cool, breezy and awe inspiring jungle views with trees that are sure to immerse your senses!

Complete with a huge pool- perfect for a refreshing dip with a coconut in between spending your free time relaxing on a sunbed with a book! I totally fell in love with the place when I viewed it - I know you will too!

Please note, this is a strictly non-smoking villa.

You have the option of your own private room or to share with one other retreat guest.

All rooms are equipped with all the amenities you need including hairdryer, iron (who needs that though?!), Smart TV with Netflix. There’s also free wifi throughout the villa.

Rooms are of a similar size and will be allocated by the retreat team, the best rooms will go to those who book first! If you opt for a shared room, we will pair you up with someone we believe is a great match for you!



Your dream Bali home come true!

Beautiful, modern & clean rooms

Stunning Infinity Pool

Modern & Peaceful Bedrooms

En-Suite Bathrooms

Spacious Communal Areas

Sample itinerary

07:00 Morning yoga (or sleep in!)

08:00 Delicious healthy breakfast prepared by our private chefs at Motion Fitness Food

09:30 The Art of Receiving Workshop: Learn how to unlock your capacity to receive more money, clients, success, freedom in your life & business

12:30 Delicious healthy lunch prepared by our private chef & free time to soak up the sun, dip in the pool, have a massage

15:00 Healing Through Therapy Workshop

17:30 Free time to shower & get ready for dinner

19:00 Dinner in one of our favourite restaurants in Ubud (Optional to join!

(this is a sample itinerary, it may be subject to change)


Delcious, Healthy Meals by our In-Villa Chefs from Motion Fitness Foods

We’re proud to partner with the famous Motion Fitness Foods for our delicious breakfasts and lunches on the retreat!

Our private chefs from Motion will be cooking up delicious, homemade, clean and healthy meals in our retreat kitchen for you to enjoy. All of their ingredients are carefully chosen from local farmers and their menus are created by experienced nutritionists customized according to your preferences e.g. vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free - everything is possible!

They value the environment, sustainability and meals are free of refined sugar, preservatives or MSG.

I help high achieving women, like you, scale impactful online businesses to create freedom, purpose and impact in their lives.

I founded Female Leadership Collective as a space for intelligent, ambitious women, to step out of the careers they were funnelled into and put their talents towards work they truly desire.

Our mission is to change the face of female leadership by inspiring YOU to ditch the trouser suit, lead by example, step into your truth and build the business you've always dreamed of!

My zone of genius is sales strategy, funnels and automating your business systems. I've put together an incredible team of mentors ready to hold you in their spaces to experience a true transformation in yourself and your business - I can't wait!

HEy, I'm Suzie,
your retreat host & biz coach

Say no more! I'm in

In my 20s I had it all, the 6-figure job, the first-class degree, the skyscraper office, the city apartment and a title that impressed people at parties yet I was absolutely miserable.​​​​​​​​

I was addicted to achieving and climbing the corporate ladder, I so desperately wanted to jump off and start my own business but I was scared of losing everything I had worked hard for.​​​​​​​​
​​Until one day I decided the risk to my mental health of staying was greater than the risk of leaving.​​​​​​​​
I threw myself into personal development work, invested in courses, coaches and got serious about figuring out what I really wanted to do with my life.​​​​​​​​
In 2019, I quit my 6-figure job, booked a one-way ticket to a tropical island and started my new life.​​​​​​​​
Since then, I've founded a mission led business that gives back, built my dream villa, helped countless women build and scale their online businesses to income levels they previously dreamed of and even adopted a rescue puppy!​​​​​​​​

My back story...

I'm here to support  & guide you!

"I was feeling stuck in my business that hadn't really come off the ground and knew that I had personal stuff to work on, but wasn't sure what/how. After the retreat I gained clarity, a sense of release and feeling empowered. I also created goals, a new business messaging plan, and learnings on mindset. The things you do and learn on the retreat are not just for that one week. It really lasts longer!"

- Inez
Past retreat guest from the netherlands

Pay in Full

Private Double Room

Single bed sharing with one other


Payment Plan

Private Double Room
$1597 x 2 monthly payments

Single bed sharing with one other
$1252 x 2 monthly payments

best value!



BOOKING process

STEP 1: Book your 30 minute Escape to Bali Call with Suzie, we'll dive into your current situation and make sure you're the right fit for The Reset and it's the right retreat for you. 
STEP 2: Make the investment through our secure payment link
STEP 3: The team will send you our retreat waiver to sign, once signed, your space is confirmed and you'll be joining us in Bali!




What's the weather like in Bali at the time of the retreat?

September-October is considered dry season and one of the best months to visit Bali weather-wise. The average daily maximum is 31C and the average daily minimum is 25C. All bedrooms have powerful Air-Conditioning. 

Frequently Asked Questions

I haven't been on a retreat before or had business coaching, is it for me?

Yes, if you’re ready for breakthroughs, you want to get away from your daily routine and be in a container of women who are here to support your growth it’s the perfect place for you.

Is this part of a larger structure of support/programs?

Yes, many of the women on the retreat will be clients of mine who are currently in or have gone through my 12-week online business accelerator Launch Academy. To maximise your results, joining Launch Academy is a fantastic way to get started on launching your own online business and build relationships with the other retreat guests before you come to Bali and meet in person. You'll have the option to join further programs prior to or after the retreat.

How do I get to the retreat?

You are responsible for getting yourself to Bali. The international airport in Bali is in Denpasar (DPS). Our private driver will pick you up from Denpasar airport and take you to the retreat venue.

Which meals are included?

Breakfast and lunch are included and served by our in-house private chefs Motion Fitness Food inside the retreat villa, dietary requirements will be catered for. We will be going out for dinners to our fave restaurants in the evenings which you are welcome to join or stay in if you prefer to. The dinners will be at your own expense (we will not be splitting the bill, you will have your own bill so none of that awkwardness!).

What about visas?

For most countries, there are tourist visas on arrival into Bali. You are responsible for organising your visa.

I'm looking up flights! What time do we need to arrive?

Check-in is from 3pm. We'll begin our first opening circle together at 5pm. Check-out is 10am.

I have more questions! Who can I contact?

Feel free to email the team at or DM Suzie on Instagram @theresetretreatbali


I haven't started my business yet, is it for me?

Yes, this retreat is open to women just getting started who want to skip years of 'figuring it out on their own' right the way to business owners making 6 figures and looking to scale.

I've already got a business and I'm looking to scale, is it for me?

Yes, I can't wait to map out your scaling strategies personalised to your own unique goals. I'll be laser coaching everyone on their own unique situation.

DM me on Instagram

If you have a question , or just need to talk to a real human to make sure you have all the information you need before you join us. Then slide into our DMs via Instagram or email us

Chat to us!