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Nicola Melinda
Founder of
Systems Haus

founder of
female leadership collective

anna lancaster
rtt® clinical hypnotherapist

alexandra saper
travel influencer & mindset coach

Carly taber breathwork practitioner & soul embodiment coach

Calling all high achieving women: learn the blueprint to launching your own online business from 7 incredible female founders (even if you don't have any business experience or a business idea)!

Starts Sunday 6th August. Workshops are LIVE on Zoom and will be released over 7 days. Watch from anywhere in the world (replays will be available!)

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Suzie Clark

Anna Lancaster

Nicola Melinda

Alexandra Saper

Nikki Bartol

Carly Taber

Nikki Loots

Founder of female leadership collective & business coach

RTT® clinical

founder of
systems haus

Travel Influencer & Women's Empowerment Coach

CPA & Money Coach

breathwork practitioner & soul embodiment coach


Suzie traded her career at the world's largest investment bank for entrepreneurship and life in Bali. She is the Founder of Female Leadership Collective where she is Head Business Coach helping high achieving women leave their 9-5s to launch their own online businesses and create a life of freedom, purpose and impact through her online programs and in-person retreats.

Anna is an experienced therapy practitioner, business founder, marketeer and entrepreneur. She trained with the award-winning therapist Marisa Peer in RTT® and is an expert in reprogramming the mind. Anna successfully treats a wide range of issues across a diverse client base including Actors, Producers, Writers, Business Leaders and CEOs. 

Nicola swapped her 14 year career as an Exec at EY, one of the Big4 accounting firms in London to help entrepreneurs systematise their businessses. She's a certified Director of Operations, Clickup Expert and has worked with over 40+ businesses working behind the scenes of multiple 6 figure agencies and 7 figure coaching businesses. She'll whip your processes into shape!

Alexandra (aka The Wayfaress) is a former lawyer turned travel influencer and Women's Empowerment Coach. She has helped hundreds of women take back their power over their lives — by leaving toxic relationships, starting their dream businesses, traveling the world, reframing their mindsets, transforming self-confidence, and living out their purpose in life.

Former PWC Chartered Accountant turned Money Mindset Coach, Nikki has a unique perspective when it comes to helping her clients manage their finances. Pairing effective systems from her Accountancy days with her passion for spirituality and manifesting abundance, she helps clients manage and grow their income in a stress-free way.

A former Marketing Executive turned Soul Embodiment Coach, Carly helps guide her clients to rediscover their authentic selves through coaching, somatic inner child healing, breathwork and nervous system regulation so that they can ground back into alignment and allow their authentic selves to blossom. 

Nikki is a self-love expert, mindset mentor and is on a global mission to help women break free from their fears, unbecome who they think they need to be, and boldly step into the most confident, empowered version of themselves. Formerly a Chief Stew to clients on Superyachts, she realised her path lay elsewhere helping others love who they really are.

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