Want to know the secrets to life as a female digital noMad in bali?


You're a high achiever, you have the job, the money, the enviable lifestyle but inside you feel miserable.

You know you need to make a change but you're scared because your identity is tied to your work.

I get it and I've been there too. If you:

✓ Feel uninspired, demotivated and burnt out chasing your next promotion
✓ Are always on the lookout for a new job but deep down you know that's not the problem
✓ Are fed up of talking about your business ideas but never actually starting
✓ Crave fulfilment, purpose and want to make a deep, positive impact on the world
✓ Know you need to make a change but you don't know what or where to start


Female Leadership Collective is a space for high achieving women who crave more from their careers.

They are fed up of making other people's organisations successful and instead want to put their leadership talents towards fulfilling and purposeful work without sacrificing their income.

A global community of female leaders


Back in 2019, I decided to quit my 6-figure job, sold everything I owned and bought a one-way ticket to Asia.

Fast forward to today, I have my own mission led business and have helped many other women start and scale their own incomes by working remotely online...

I'm Suzie, a former banker from London turned online entrepreneur.


I traded the city skyscraper for a beautiful, tropical island. I love to help women break free of the corporate office and make money online.

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The pandemic has been the catalyst for incredible business and career opportunities that allow you more freedom of when and where you work.

As a woman who dreamed of having the freedom to travel, volunteer and be able to see her future kids as much as possible, working online made this all possible.

With huge earning potential from both online businesses and remote jobs, the 9-5 office grind no longer stacks up. 

 There has never been a better time than now to start an online business as a woman. READY to join us?

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